Saturday, 14 October 2017

A Daunting Task...

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A couple of weeks have passed since I was officially accepted by ECM but it is only just starting to sink in that this is all really happening. I've spent part of the last week abroad, albeit in France rather than Slovenia but it started to highlight little things I will face when I move. For one thing I will need to get used to Euros - they all look the same! Learning the language will be another big challenge. Fortunately a lot of people there speak very good English but I can't rely on that. I also need to raise the money in order to go. If you feel that you would like to partner with me in this please let me know.

It's a daunting task I have ahead of me. Don't mistake me, I'm incredibly excited and look forward to living and working in Slovenia but at the same time I'm mildly terrified!

I know that this is where God is leading me and that all things are in His timing so if you would like to support me in prayer here are some prayer points:

  • That God would be glorified by all of this
  • That I would trust God fully and that I would remember that His timing is best
  • That I would be able to raise the funds I need in order to go
  • That I would be able to start planning the practical details of a cross cultural move
  • For the church as they prepare for me joining the team
  • For Peter and Lidija Novak and their family as they prepare to travel to Australia for a month
  • For the country of Slovenia as many people have never heard the Gospel

Slovenia is a very spiritually needy country, there are so few Evangelical Christians. Have a look at their entry on Operation World:

Would you be able to support me financially in this? Please let me know if you can help by emailing me at

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