Friday, 22 May 2020

Starting to Get Back to Normal...

Summer is coming and life is slowly getting back to normal here in Slovenia. My Slovene teacher described it as: outside life goes on, inside things are still weird. Most things have started to reopen although most children won't be going back to school before the autumn. People are still quite cautious but with only 4 new cases in the last week, it definitely seems like the worst is past us now (unless of course there is the dreaded second wave!)

This has meant that I've finally been able to go out for coffee and ice cream and start meeting people in person. It was quite gratifying to find out that the waiters at my favourite coffee shop still recognised me and knew my order! It's amazing how great the little things are, sunshine, meeting people in person etc. I know many of you are still a long way away from this so I won't go on about it too much!

Of course there are still restrictions. Using the bus for the first time was an adventure. Half the seats have notices on them forbidding their use. All public places including the bus have hand sanitiser everywhere and we still have to wear our masks within indoor public places (unless it's a cafe or restaurant, it's not quite so easy to eat and drink with a mask on!)

In terms of church meetings, we are still online for most things. A lot of this is due to the fact we don't have our own building and so we have to wait until we're allowed back into our rented space. Tonight, though, we will have our first youth group together in an outside space. It will be really good to see them all again.

Just a note of encouragement to end this post. Within the last month a student from another part of Slovenia became a Christian and somehow found our church's details online. She has been joining our ladies group Bible study for the last couple of weeks. I didn't quite understand exactly how it all happened (it was all in Slovene), how she became a Christian and why she is meeting with us, but it is great to see that God is still working. Coronavirus has not and will not stop his work!

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